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 Lynette Zabielo

 Professional Psychic Consultant

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2 Daisy Street  Grange  4051
(07) 3356 0002 or (0418) 871 135

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The scenes of our life are forever changing, all manner of glitches can occur, but as long as we donít get caught in a rut, the future can be so exciting.  At some time or another many of us will experience feelings of neglect, abuse or dread of the future, out of this comes a need to search for a spiritual link. In the pursuit of peace we seek out advice and comfort from the one we believe has the gift of being more in tune with Higher Knowledge.

Some Reasons for a Personal Psychic Consultation:

  • Complications in business or work                        
  • Deceit
  • Financial & legal difficulties
  • Family & partnership struggles                   
  • Health problems  
  • Timing for IVF programs
  • Missing jewellery, dogs, cats, cars, machinery                                                                   
  • Is it safe to travel?                          
  • Trouble in a relationship, new love, seek new love
  • Depression
  • Death of a loved one
  • Selling or buying of property  

My prophecy is determined by the use of psychic powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience alongside cards, astrology & psychometry, all of which help to assess and counsel clients in a logical practical manner.  

My genuine medium work is held in high regard, having been proven many times over by the valuable material filtered through from loved ones who have passed, confirming that there is life after death.

The consultation entails:  

  • Astrological Information

Need your date of birth, (time & place, if you know it) 

  • 3 different types of cards.
  • Psychometry  (from holding a personal item, such as a wallet, watch or jewellery, photo)
  • Medium work - bring a photo of the deceased & something that belonged to them


     “The Only Genuine Psychic For You”